Street Set



We are home to a purpose built, permanent exterior street set, which has a prominently positioned, fully dressed pub with a neighboring barber shop, convenience store, cab office, fish and chip shop and Chinese takeaway. Opposite, a row of terrace housing completes a versatile and uniquely controllable street scene.

All of the buildings can be easily adapted and dressed to depict a wide range of eras and locations.

Please note – ‘The Street Set’ is now the only permanent set on site and we are not able to offer ‘Police’, ‘Hospital’ or ‘House of Lords’ sets.

86-7P9A2958[1] 88-7P9A2960[1] 85-7P9A2957[1] 84-7P9A2956[1] 83-7P9A2955[1] 82-7P9A2954[1] 81-7P9A2953[1] 92-7P9A2964[1] 95-7P9A2967[1] 97-7P9A2969[1] 93-7P9A2965[1] 91-7P9A2963[1]