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Home to a purpose built, permanent exterior street set

Controllable Street Lamps, Permanent Set

We are home to a purpose built, permanent exterior street set. It has recently undergone a complete Re-build which was completed autumn 2017.

  • Over 19,000 sqft of shooting space
  • 3x power banks, each consisting of: 2x 32amps single phase sockets, 1x 63amps 3 phase socket
  • Controllable Street Lamps
  • All of the buildings can be easily adapted, lit and dressed to depict a wide range of eras and locations.

Please note – "The Street Set" is now the only permanent set on site and we are not able to offer 'Police', 'Hospital' or 'House of Lords' sets

Shops and Bars

air conditioned Dressing Rooms with shower, sofa, dressing table, lamp and cheval mirror
Comfy, air conditioned Star Dressing Rooms

Dressing Rooms are close to shooting facilities but far enough from the hustle and bustle of production offices to offer some much needed quiet away from set. Each has an adjoining en suite with shower and is equipped with sofa, dressing table, lamp and cheval mirror.

Outdoor Spaces

large space Costume rooms ideal for costume or storage
Versatile large flexible space Costume rooms

Our Costume rooms are large flexible space ideal for costume or storage.It’s close to makeup and dressing rooms and features a small utility area with easy access to dressing rooms and other storage facilities available.


large canteen to hire
Opportunity to sit, eat and relax

We have a large canteen available to hire close to Studios 1 and 2 giving your crew the opportunity to sit, eat and relax away from set.